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hi my name is ashley. it's nice to meet you.

i am an engineer/educator/organizer living in ridgewood, queens, NYC.

i currently work as the developer community and content manager at npm, Inc.

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## engineer

i have been working as an engineer, professionally, for about 3 years. most of my experience has been in web development, primarily in ruby, javascript, and node. i have worked with most server-side and client-side frameworks, including rails, sinatra, express, angular, ember, and backbone.

my current passion in engineering is working on a framework called Endpoints. Endpoints is a hypermedia API framework that aims to provide a convention-heavy paradigm for building node APIs on top of relational databases, leveraging Express, Knex, and Bookshelf.

i am a self-taught developer, and am constantly learning new skills. at the moment i am teaching myself reactive programming.

in addition to my work as a web developer, i also have an academic interest in programming language design, particularly how specific programming paradigms affect the "learn/teach-ability" of the languages that implement them. i have given, and will be giving, several talks on this specific idea at meetups, conferences, and universities all over the world.

## educator

for nearly as long as i can remember, education has been a deep passion of mine. i am known to repurpose the famous Dijkstra reference about writing to say, "teaching is nature's way of letting you know how sloppy your understanding is."

immediately after college i became a NYC teaching fellow; i taught middle school science, remedial reading at the 4th grade level, and advanced "test-taking" math. this experience was one of the toughest in my life and taught me a great deal about communication, humility, organizational structures, and of course, teaching.

the vast majority of my career has been spent teaching beginners web development. in my most recent position, i expanded my audience to intermediate and advanced developers. i've also applied my passion for education to technical writing and documentation.

long-term i'm interested in developing tools and workflows to improve the maintenance, accessibility, and discovery of free educational content. in particular, i would like to make a new, and/or leverage an existing, package manager to automate the creation and dependency management of classes, particularly for the beginner web developer.

## organizer

at the intersection of education and engineering is the infamous tech community. despite issues and complexities, i have dedicated a large portion of my free time to volunteering, organizing, and speaking at user groups, meetups, hackathons, and conferences.

at these events, i primarily find myself advocating for diversity, accessibility, and open source participation. this has taken the form of free classes on git/Github, discussions of codes of conduct, evangelising STEM programs for women, or even just volunteering A/V support for high school hackathon presentations.